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How do you attract readers?

With a book cover that tells your story and has great visual appeal. More and more books are purchased online, so with just a few inches of space on a website, your prospective readers are making quick decisions based on the cover design, plot description and reviews. Arresting images, easy-to-read typefaces, bold design and stand-out colors can make all the difference in the book world, whether you're an established author or publishing your first book.

Cover Story Design
A division of PR Chicago


Let us help tell your story in a way that gets you and your work noticed.

How we work

We create book covers. Some are for print editions, others are for web site viewing or for eBook sites. No matter where your cover will be shown, we want it to be eye-catching and truly reflect the story you're telling. That's why we'll ask for a chapter or a book blurb. We can design covers to fit in with previously-published works, or we can design a whole new look for a series you're introducing.

We can source an illustrator if you wish, but we generally use stock, royalty-free photos. Two sets of revisions are included in the book cover price, as well. We want you to be happy.

Contact us today and we'll discuss your next project and our competitive pricing.

Our Authors

Here are a few of the authors and book covers that we've designed.

  • Libby Fischer Hellmann (Set the Night on Fire, Ellie Foreman Mysteries, Easy Innocence, and more)

  • Martha McGinnis (Fearsome Odds, Heavenly Women: Heavenly Laughter and more)

  • S.W. Hubbard (Blood Knot, False Cast, Dead Drift, The Lure)

  • David Walker (Too Many Clients, The Towman's Daughters, Saving Paulo and more)

  • Simon Wood (Terminated, We all Fall Down, Paying the Piper, Accidents Waiting to Happen and more)

  • Michael Dymmoch (The Man Who Understood Cats)

  • Janet Tavakoli (The Robber Barons)

  • Sniplits (Killer Fiction, Tales of the Heart, On Desperate Paths and more)

Contact us

Please fill out to form below to email us or call Toni Antonetti at 847.949.0097.

We'll be happy to discuss your next book project with you. 

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